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For the first time in Bangalore, Tharkaree.com brings to you a money wise and highly REWARDING offer, alongside the usual Convenience and Quality benefits of buying fresh vegetables and fruits that comes to you directly from the farms & farmers markets. We are pleased to bring you an attractive monthly / annual subscription offer that provides the goodness & benefits of hi-quality, fresh vegetables and fruits right at your door steps and unbeatable prices.
By subscribing to this 100% usage offer, you would indirectly support the future of scores of farmers and women who are associated with us in delivering cleaned, fresh, hygienic and quality vegetables & fruits.

Offer details:

  1. Subscribe by selecting either our monthly or annual package on our website – www.tharkaree.com
  2. Special offer for Annual packages: Two months extra benefits.Pay only Rs. 9999/- and get Rs. 11000/- in your wallet. Entire year's vegetables and fruits shopping covered in 1 click. (So, if you consider this as an investment, you get 10% ROI).
  3. In addition get the following benefits for the subscription offer (applicable to both monthly and annual packages).
  1. Get the lowest price for fresh vegetables and fruits during the month.
    It is well known that the prices of vegetables and fruits increase or decrease every day. A number of factors contribute to the dynamic situation and nothing can be done to control the market forces, as it based on demand & supply, natural conditions and other situations. HOWEVER, WE OFFER YOU AN UNBEATABLE OFFER. As our esteemed subscriber, you can buy all vegetables & fruits on www.tharkaree.com, at the lowest price for the entire calendar month. For e.g. If the lowest sale price of Onion in www.tharkaree.com was Rs. 25 on a certain day of a month and the highest price in the same month was Rs 50, the price applicable to the subscriber would be Rs. 25. This is irrespective of the price or day in the month that you bought onion on www.tharkaree.com.

  2. Lower minimum order value for free delivery:
    As a subscriber, you would be eligible to receive free delivery for Rs. 50 as minimum order value.

  3. Free 'surprise' gifts:
    As a monthly or annual subscriber, your frequent purchases would qualify for getting free 'surprise' gifts in the form of cashback or products from www.tharkaree.com

  4. Winner of the contest each month.
    As a contest winner each month, you may be eligible for a free monthly package (1 month subscription). So, it would be completely free vegetables and fruits shopping for the month as a smart winner.

  5. Subscribe Now! and order your daily needs of fresh vegetables and fruits!! Good health is on its way, everyday!!!

How it works?

STEP 1 : Register and Become a Subscriber by paying ₹ 999/- per month (Pay ₹ 9999/- to get full year subscription).

STEP 2 : Order Tharkaree online and get fresh vegetables and fruits at special Subscriber Price.

STEP 3 : Get Fresh and Nutritious vegetables and fruits delivered directly from farm to your door step.

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