Complete Manual Processing

We believe providing more opportunity and jobs for the people around the urban area will help to grow our villages and country. For that, we follow complete manual process in cleaning, cutting, chopping and packing the items.

By adopting manual process we are able to provide jobs to lot of ladies in the villages. We believe by doing so we are helping lot of families grow economically.


Our packaging facility is located in the village in a town called Kanakapura which is close to Bangalore.

We have approximately 2500 sq. ft. climate controlled facility. We care for our employees and have made sure to facilitate them in all aspect of their work time.

We give at-most preference to hygiene, so, we maintain clean facility and also we take strict care of personal hygiene of our employees. We do not show any tolerance when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

Experienced & Trained Employees

Most of our employees are women who are expert in handling, selecting, cleaning, cutting and preserving vegetables and fruits. We boost this basic skill set in them by training and mentoring them to adapt.

We have very experienced Managers, Supervisors and Drivers who help us in improving our process day by day.