Experienced farmers

We have partnered with farmers who are experienced in growing vegetables and fruits from generations in their ancestral fertile farms. They follow traditional way of farming by using natural water, organic manure and old Indian techniques.

These farmers are experienced in growing most nutritious vegetables and fruits by calculating seasonal changes, weather, rainfall and fertility of the farms.

Financial support

One of the reason farmers do not grow common vegetables and fruits is because they might not get the minimal promised amount after they grow. We are committed to encourage the farmers in doing good farming.

Our company is committed to improvise and help farmer's standard of life by paying them a promised minimal price for the products they grow. We commit to them on the price before even they start the plowing process for the items they grow.

We also commit to them on purchasing most of the products they grow by paying them the market price when market is good and paying promised minimal price when market is not doing good.

Quality and Freshness

We encourage our farmers to use the organic manure to grow nutritious product. We strongly discourage and train them to not to use the chemicals which induces any sort of growth booster which impacts the nutrition in the products.

Our farmers hand-pick the vegetables and fruits at correct time. The harvesting happens in-time and in stages to avoid wastage. The harvested fresh vegetables and fruits are transported to the packaging unit at earliest.