Tharkaree to corporate kitchens / B2B

Tharkaree caters fresh from farm, cleaned & cut vegetables & fruits to corporate kitchens, hotels and other kitchen institutions in large volumes at lowest cost.
Tharkaree's best and world class process helps us to meet our quality promise and on time delivery everytime.

Do you have these questions?

How to reduce food operations cost?

How to better employ the kitchen labour?

How to minimize wet waste management?

How to help farmer’s & contribute to women empowerment?

Let Tharkaree help you answer these questions!!

Introducing Tharkaree

An Indian company, enabling the community of farmers & women to earn better return’s for their efforts.

An FSSAI certified company with a mission to provide better quality vegetables & fruits to it’s customers, with focus on hygiene & convenience.

Plant to Pan approach, with direct procurement from farmer’s, providing pristine & fresh quality produce. (peeled & pre-cut).

Enabling financial benefits for B2B clients, through time, utility & labour savings.